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Grace M Stuart

Not your typical insurance person. No pressure, extremely knowledgeable, great human being. Trust this guy, he knows his business and will help you get the best long term insurance for your needs. Thank you Jerry! Grace & Keith


"Jerry is easy to work with, an all around friendly guy. He helped me find a policy that was tailored to my needs. Thanks, Jerry! Mariann"

Ruth Manning

Mr. Levy was an exceptional agent as he assisted me in filling out an application for long-term coverage. He explained everything in a manner that was easy to understand and I appreciate the professionalism and time given to me.

Thank you Ruth!  It was a pleasure to help you.

JC Lin

Jerry is very knowledgeable, professional, accessible and responsible. The service he provided was invaluable. Thank you, Jerry. A++++++++++

It was my honor to help you obtain the right coverage. Jerry

Denise MacEwan

Thank you Jerry for your sincerity, time and expertise in helping me obtain Long Term Health Insurance. The customer service that you provide is beyond words. You are very caring and honest...much appreciated! Denise M

I was happy to get you the coverage you wanted!

Patrick M.

This comes at a perfect time as we remember to give thanks for the many blessings God has provided this past year. My wife and I count you as one of those blessings, Thank you and best wishes to you and your family this holiday season. Note: I do remind my friends and family of the importance of preparing for their future health needs, however so many people think they have time , they will not need extended care or have more important things to spend their money on, that they choose to ignore the facts / statistics that there will come a day when they will need help. I am so grateful to my wife, and to you that I am covered when that time comes.
It was my honor to work with you both to protect your future.

Anne Kolmeier

Jerry was very helpful as we tried to understand our options and what they meant as we considered long term care insurance. He was very thorough, spent a lot of time with us, and made our decision easier.
Thank you Pastor Ann.  It was a pleasure to help you both find the right coverage that fit your budget.


Jerry - thank you for offering such great insight into long term care solutions planning. You are truly helping people plan for a very important need. Denise

It is my pleasure to assist, always.  Jerry

teacher in Texas

Jerry is a caring and professional advocate for his clients. I can attest to the time he devotes to every individual he meets with in order to find the long term care solution that is best for them. Thanks Jerry!

Always happy to assist.  Thank you for your comment!

Ann Vandenberg

Jerry, thank you  for your excellent service and patience in my successfully obtaining a policy. I could not have managed to do this on my own without your expertise. What a great guy and good person to boot. I'm grateful that my friend recommended I contact you.

Ann, it was my honor to assist you.  Hopefully you can pass your knowledge on to someone else.


Charlotte Johns

Thank you very much for your expertise and patience in helping with my long term care insurance. If not for you, I do not think I would have secured a policy. I appreciated your professional manner and your knowledge of the carriers and their requirements. You provided excellent, knowledgeable service where it was much needed and much appreciated.

Charlotte, you are very welcome.  I always enjoy helping my clients get through the maze of underwriting. 

Dean Rucker

Every step of the way through the process of obtaining longterm care insurance, you stayed on top of everything. You followed up with the underwriters and ensured actions were timely taken. Thanks to your efforts, we now have been approved for an excellent policy that will give us peace of mind in our later years. Many thanks for all you have done.
    Thanks Judge, helping you both get the best plans for your needs always makes for a great day.

Janie N.

We received our policies. It's good to have the peace of mind the coverage brings. Thanks for all your help! Janie
    I love seeing the pictures of you both with all the grandkids.  Make the most of everyday.  Glad I could help.  Jerry


Wow – what a blessing! Thank you for your support through all of this. I have certainly enjoyed working with you. Best regards, Lianne


Jerry, Thanks for making the process go smoothly for us. I will definitely refer anyone who is interested in LTC to you. Linda

Gene Cutler

Jerry Congratulations on your recent and monumental achievement in the long term care industry. Most producers hope to assist as many clients in a lifetime, as you have accomplished in the recent years I've had the pleasure and honor of working alongside you. Your knowledge, resources, and clear and easygoing approach, have enabled many of us to learn from your experience and success. Your clients...both present and future, are fortunate to have you advising them!

Joan V.

Thanks so much for all of your time and patience in educating us about LTC insurance and helping us pick out a policy that perfectly fit our needs. You were a true professional every step of the way and it was a real pleasure working with you.

Peg P.

You engineered a plan that will truly provide great comfort for us. Thanks for all your time.


Your understanding of this insurance and your patience is very appreciated. My kids will sleep better.

Susan M.

Jerry, thank you for walking us through the process. We feel very comfortable about the decision to get long term care insurance.
Not your typical insurance person. No pressure, extremely knowledgeable, great human being. Trust this guy, he knows his business and will help you get the best long term insurance for your needs.… Read More

Grace M Stuart

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